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How Can I Help?

Clear Vision Counselling Services provides life counselling, relationship and marriage counselling, and grief counselling services to Delta, Burnaby, Richmond and Vancouver B.C and North Vancouver B.C.
Sometimes in our lives, we fall into a place of desperation, confusion, and frustration. The situation demands our attention and yet what we have been doing appears to only to make it worse. In order to change the aspects of our lives that have us stuck, we may need guidance and help from others. A third party can help us shift our perspective.
This is the advantage of counselling.

I will offer you an opportunity to discuss the situation in which you have found yourself and then we will work together to uncover the repeating patterns and underlying beliefs that are driving the circumstances of your life. We can then identify the new choices available and I will support you in the path you have chosen.

Do You Ever Ask Yourself

  • Why am I so unhappy? I want to live a happy and fulfilling life but how do I achieve this?
  • I want to make a change in my life, but which direction should I take?
  • Why am I so angry and frustrated all the time?
  • What is my life purpose? What am I doing here?
  • How can I handle all the stress in my life? Between family, work, and activities, I feel overwhelmed!

Make new choices with Clear Vision Counselling Services

I use a number of approaches in therapy and yet the central core of my work revolves around the concept that when we are very young, we unconsciously create beliefs about who we are. These core beliefs range from positive to negative and are entirely unconscious, yet lock us into unhappy patterns within relationships or create depression and anxiety that often lead to addictions.

Once we become aware that these are just “beliefs” about who we think we are, we can change them to beliefs that are actually true about us.The change comes through forgiveness. The end result is an elimination of blame and guilt that ultimately shifts a client in the direction of peace and happiness.

Areas of Interest
  • Although Clear Vision Counselling Services is a general practice, I specialize in:
  • Marriage and Relationship Counselling - Creating lifelong caring relationships
  • Grief Counselling - Support during times of difficulty
  • Life Counselling - Help to find your way through change and turmoil

Under the umbrella of these specialties however there are numerous counselling areas including:
  • Separation & Divorce Counselling - An amicable parting  
  • Couples Counselling - Improving relationships with others
  • Family Counselling - Learn & apply effective parenting skills
  • Communication Building - The bottom line in all relationships
  • Depression & Anxiety Counselling - Life transitions can be difficult
  • Self-Esteem Counselling - A healthy relationship with self is paramount to happiness
  • Life Purpose Counselling - Investigating life´s inner meaning
  • Marriage Counselling - Rebuilding trust with your partner
  • Stress Counselling - Exhaustion and burn out can take many forms
  • Anger Management Counselling - Stop taking your frustration out on those you love

Clear Vision Counselling Services now offers online counselling as well as phone sessions for long distance clients or clients looking to save time and money traveling to appointments.
Are you ready to move forwards into a life of happiness and opportunity? Contact Clear Vision Counselling Services in South Surrey and Vancouver, BC for more information or to schedule a free consultation!

I have been referring patients for specific counselling tools, to Christie for the past few years. In my experience the patients have returned with greater insight, effective tools that empower them to work through difficult emotional situations and more importantly clarity and peace of mind. I found her to especially helpful for patients that were motivated to improve their coping skills, ready to take responsibility for their behaviour and expressed a willingness to change. Christie has a very kind and approachable manner yet is mindful of boundaries thus complements the services we provide at the Westcoast Women´s Clinic.
Dr. B. Pawa, B. Pharm, M.D
Westcoast Women´s Clinic
Vancouver B.C.

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.
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