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December 27th, 2012
December 27th, 2012

Is Money An Emotional Issue?

Feeling As Though You Are Out On A Financial Ledge?
Feeling As Though You Are Out On A Financial Ledge?
Is money an emotional issue?

Absolutely! Many of us shop too much the same way others eat too much. When we eat too much we gain weight and we may judge ourselves harshly. (like at Christmas time!!) When we spend too much, we go into debt and similarly, we feel terrible about ourselves. Although one can certainly make some behavioral changes to help alleviate overspending, it is best to uncover the beliefs we are holding about ourselves which may be contributing to the excessive spending.

For instance, one person used to shop with her mother when she was young and her mother died when the girl was only 16 years old. The girl grew up gaining comfort and solace from going shopping as she felt that it was a time when her mother was still with her. However, ultimately the end result was that she felt guilty and shameful for going into debt. Once she truly understood what the shopping represented, she was able to forgive herself and make more constructive financial choices.

It can be very useful for couples to learn to have financial intimacy in their relationship. A lack of honesty can result in a reduction of trust and then clients slide down a slippery slope. Without openness around money and clearly stated common goals, there can be a lot of misunderstandings which can affect every aspect of a marriage.

If you need some help in uncovering your underlying beliefs and values around money please give me a call.

There is a better way!


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