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August 28th, 2014
August 28th, 2014

Looking Back at Leukemia

In November of 2013 I had a very busy counselling practice. Everything was going very well for me. I was aware of feeling tired and I had some flu like symptoms for a few months off and on but that was all. By November I decided to go to the doctor and check my thyroid and iron to see whether they were the culprits. Instead, I was called into the Dr's office immediately and told that I had leukemia. I really had no idea of what this disease was all about and so I asked the GP on a scale of 1 - 10, how serious is this? He replied, an 8, 9 or 10. Shock!

My world tilted. Everything that had felt certain and sure was not. I reached out to family and friends and the support was incredible. This is certainly one of the gifts from this experience. I didn't have a partner when I was diagnosed, but my family and friends all seemed to band together naturally and become a natural team to help me. It was most remarkable.  

Since November I have had three rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant in April. Some angel in Eastern Europe donated his/her bone marrow for me. A MOST amazing gift. I am feeling good and I am getting stronger by the day. I am not through all of it yet, however, I remain quite positive about myself and work with the thoughts in my mind every day.

Although this experience was a real game changer for me there were some solid benefits. I can clearly see how many people care about me and love me. It reinforced the power of my mind and the importance of recognizing that I have a choice in whether I am believing my fear based thoughts or whether I make another choice and dwell in the loving part of my mind. It also helped me know that life needs balance. Balance between work and fun and that no one ever knows how long we will be here so I had better make the time I have as wonderful as possible for myself and others.

That is exactly what I intend to do.

I also wrote about my expereinces for a blog which may be of interest to you;

If you have any thoughts or comments please reply to info@clearvisioncounselling.

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