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September 6th, 2014
September 6th, 2014

Relationship Angst - Daytime Group

Are you having difficulty in your relationship?

Relationship Angst
Are there some people who just get under your skin?
Do you feel frustrated by the lack of communication?
Are you at times angry, irritated and resentful with others?
Perhaps it would be helpful to get another perspective on this situation. Most often we look at the other person from our perspective and when we get upset it feels almost impossible to get past it.
It is not impossible.
Join us in a small group in South Surrey as we work on what is stopping you from having happy and healthy relationships.
Thursday mornings from 10am - 12pm for 6 weeks
Beginning on September 18th - Oct 23rd we will meet weekly in a small group to discuss and to move through our challenges in relationships.
Cost $250.00 for all six weeks and must be prepaid.
Minimium 6  - Maximum 10 people
Please contact me for more details.
604 720 7093

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