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June 29th, 2015
June 29th, 2015

No-Body Intensive with Byron Katie - A Review

Interesting and Valuable Workshop

 In early June I had the privilege of going down to California to attend Byron Katie´s 5 day No-Body Intensive workshop. I have seen many of her YouTube videos and I am familiar with The Work which she teaches, however, I found that the workshop was even better than I expected.

During this workshop we experienced the truth that our thoughts have only the meaning we give them. Since we are always thinking of something that is in the past or in the future then we are really not thinking of anything at all. These are concepts I have heard before but she guided us through some exercises which demonstrated this truth to us clearly.

There were many opportunities for us to practice The Work. This consists of 4 questions and then some turnarounds. For example, a statement such as; "he hates me" gets turned around to the self - "I hate me". Then the client sits with that to see how that is true in a particular situation. The next turnaround would be “I hate him”. Then the client would sit with that idea with eyes closed and really feel how this may be true or truer than the original statement. And finally, “he doesn't hate me” and the ways that this might be true. The advantage of this style is that each person comes to their own awareness of what is true for them. This style really helps us see from a different and more benevolent perspective.

I have found The Work to be a wonderful addition to the work I do in counselling and I enjoy incorporating it into my sessions. My clients have reported feeling much lighter and clearer after doing The Work.

For more information about The Work you can give me a call and feel free to explore the website;

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