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April 22nd, 2012
April 22nd, 2012

A Miracle!

Beauty in Vietnam
Beauty in Vietnam
A Miracle....

Today I went to the gym and met a friend I had not seen for many months. There was a baby in a car seat sitting in front of her. After greeting her I asked her whose baby that was. She said, "She is mine and her name is Maria" . I laughed and asked again, "No, really, whose baby is this?"
She laughed too and said, "She is mine. Really." And then she said, "It is a long story."

She has two boys in their late teens. My youngest son was a friend on her oldest son who is now in university. She went on to tell me that both of her oldest boys were invitro babies and that she was told years ago that there was no way she could get pregnant. She had gone to the Dr. for a stomach problem and was told she was 5 months pregnant.

Astonished, I looked again at the beautiful baby sleeping in her car seat. I told her that this baby must have really have wanted to be born to her. A miracle baby.

Typically when I use the word - miracle - it refers to a change of perception. This brief encounter reinforced a few concepts for me:

When you think something is impossible you may be mistaken.
The most amazing things can happen in this life and they are always for you.
Just when you have your plans all laid out, change happens. It is most helpful to be flexible and not resist the change.

What is your miracle?

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