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Choice, Opportunity, Peace

Are you asking yourself:
  • How am I going to survive this diagnosis? Am I going to be in pain?
  • Why do I feel so devastated? Who will look after me?
  • Why has this happened to me?

Feelings of Fear & Loss come in many Forms

A shocking health diagnosis can take us totally by surprise and may seem to be completely unexplainable. We may be terrified by the thought of whether we will survive. We may worry about whether we will be uncomfortable through the treatment and recovery phase. Who will look after us and how will we cope financially?

This type of diagnosis requires a warm compassionate ear and someone who can help the person see their situation from a different perspective, Maybe it is not as terrible as it appears. Perhaps there is another way to look at this situation.

Counselling helps stop the rollercoaster of emotions

Receiving a serious medical diagnosis can be very frightening. I know this because I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013. The following year was one of being in and out of the hospital with many treatments of chemo and followed by a bone marrow transplant in April 2014. I have been very lucky and have recovered very well but I  decided that I wanted to help people who are experiencing this horrendous fear. It can be overwhelming but there are many things that can be done to help stay calm and focused during this time.

There are a number of techniques that I will suggest to my clients. They include meditation, hypnotherapy tapes as well as cognitive behavioral techniques to see the situation from a different angle.

I have found that my time with leukemia brought many gifts. It forced me to choose whether to live or die. I no longer simply assume that I will live forever. I am living NOW and what can I do NOW that will bring me joy and make my heart sing? I spend time with people who are important to me. If I want to do something I do not put it off until later. I do it now.

I enjoy helping clients see their diagnosis from a more empowered place. The only thing I require from them is an open mind.

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
Mahatma Gandhi