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Life Purpose Counselling with Christie Dakin

Life Purpose Counselling with Christie Dakin & Clear Vision Counselling Services

Choice, Opportunity, Peace

Have you ever asked yourself:
  • I have so much! Why is it never enough?
  • What is wrong with me? Why am I so unhappy?
  • How can I handle all the stress in my life? I feel overwhelmed!

Transitions in life can create fear as many of us have difficulty welcoming change into our lives. Instead of a wonderful opportunity, we see the change as a loss. Birth, death, job change, marriage, divorce, graduation, retirement, moving, and the “dark nights of the soul” are all transitions that can create anxiety and nervousness. These changes in our lives can bring up a lot of fear and uncertainty but they can also be rewarding and prove to have unlimited benefits that we are unable to see while still in the middle of the transition or change process.

The greatest benefit to me is that I can be honest with myself, I know I need to take care of me, I can trust myself and I know that I can do these things alone, when you are not there holding my hand. more

Even self-imposed change - change that in your heart you know is for the better - will create a lot of anxiety. We can work and struggle in order to do something meaningful and become someone unique and special yet when we finally achieve it, it is not enough to bring the happiness and meaning we expected. Worse, if we do not achieve it, we can then feel depressed, alone and judge ourselves a failure.  

In Change comes New Opportunities

Each of us has the ability to see our fears differently and view the situation with anticipation and excitement instead of dread. Sometimes however, we can feel stuck, frozen, and unable to shift our perspective.
Counselling can help make this process less painful , helping you discover that you are ultimately in charge of how you look at any given situation. With such help, you will see it from an entirely different, and brighter, perspective.

Discover Your Purpose in Life

Together, we look at what you think is missing in your life and what you believe would fill the hole. We then investigate what it is you actually want and need before taking the next step to discover what will truly bring you peace and contentment. The answers may surprise you.

Life Counselling covers many broad areas but it all comes down to one thing - your happiness, contentment, passion, and life choices. Contact me today for more information or to book your free 20 minute consultation!
When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
Victor Frankl