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Choice, Opportunity, Peace

Are you asking yourself these questions?
  • Why can´t I make this relationship work?
  • Why do I feel so worthless and unhappy in this relationship?
  • Why won´t my partner change? If this person would only change, I would be happy.
  • How long can I stand this situation? I feel so alone.

Relationships come in many forms. With every person who touches your life, you are in a relationship of some kind whether it is a love relationship, a parent/child relationship, an employer/employee relationship, or the relationship you have with an acquaintance. Some are the most important part of your life and others are not but they are still a relationship. Every relationship plays a role in our lives. However, it is typically the people we feel closest to that create the most strife in our lives!

At times, a relationship that started out so beautifully can feel as though it is turning into a nightmare. You may be feeling hopeless and afraid. You may have turned to friends and family for help, but still nothing is changing.

To Love Others, First Love Yourself

In order to have a healthy and loving relationship with someone else, we need to first have a good relationship with ourselves. Often our irritations and anger are directed outwards at someone else. Yet, when we dig a little deeper, it can be determined that underneath the judgments about the other person are often self-judgments.

The beauty about this is that we are capable of successfully changing our own minds and our own lives and it is NOT so easy to change others as you may very well have discovered for yourself.

Relationship Counselling Touches Everyone in your Life

Each person in a relationship works toward increasing the awareness and the healing of their own negative core beliefs and the resulting negative behaviour. Sharing these findings with their partner or family members,in turn, opens up the lines of communication within a marriage, family, or workplace. This work is not about changing behaviour specifically; it is about ´changing my mind about who I think I am and then as I do that, my behaviour will naturally change´. The goal is peace of mind and loving communication.

“Tolerance for pain may be high but it is not without limits. Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there MUST be a better way.” (ACIM Pg 22)

There is a better way!

What I will help you understand is that every upset can be seen from a different perspective and that every circumstance is there to help you recognize the truth about yourself and others. This change starts with you. You are the only one you can change. By changing your perspective, your life and your relationships will change.

Are you ready to change and grow to have the life you have always wanted?

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Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Jung, Psychologist