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How to Say No and Mean it.
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Did you say NO?

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January 25th, 2013
Often we can feel as though someone is “guilting” us into agreeing to do something that we don't particularly want to do. In fact, no one ever can MAKE us feel guilty but we certainly can choose guilt when we try to get another person's approval or appreciation or love.

I often have my clients ask themselves "Is this decision coming from love or fear?" When I am coming from love, then the answer could be yes or no and I will be content because it is an honest yes or no. If it is coming from f
Relationship Stress - One Day workshop - Saturday, September 28th
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September 13th, 2013
Would you like an opportunity to understand a current relationship you are engaged in? Would you like to feel more calm and relaxed with this person and have better communication between you? Join us in a small group atmosphere as we offer you tools to connect with the people in your life from a different and more peaceful perspective....
Relationship Angst - Daytime Group
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September 6th, 2014
Join us in a small group as we look for ways to improve your relationships with others. Learn helpful tools and techniques to help you manage conflict and difficulties in your relationships....