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Top 5 Regrets of the Dying
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April 8th, 2012
What would you regret if you were dying? Sometimes it is helpful to begin with the end in mind, as Stephen Covey would recommend. This article talks about 5 regrets people have when they are dying as recorded by a palliative nurse.

Perhaps you can read these and consider your own life right now and consider what changes could you make.
How could you reach this stage at the end of your life and feel complete and peaceful?

The choice is yours.

Love Christie
How Can You Increase Your Happiness?
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Happiness Is Your Birthright

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January 5th, 2016
Explore how you can increase your happiness, joy, and fulfillment with the following 10 practices. On a personal note, I found these ideas to be very constructive and helpful. I hope you do as well....